martes, 12 de abril de 2011


First of all we need to know that the consume of tobacco is a single leading cause preventable of disease and death in the actual world. It’s also an important public health problem, because the sanitary consequences that it leads, like the high economic costs and social.
Smoking is not only a habit, is a chronic disease that is characterize to have nicotine an addictive drug. The addiction to nicotine forces the smokers continue it consumes and in this way generates that the person lose the liberty to decides and they are obligated to maintain or progressively increase its consume.

Why they smoke? Some adolescents like the sensation that they feel smoking. This good feeling is from nicotine in the cigarettes. Some adolescents think that smoking will help them lose weight and stay thin. Other also smokes because they feel that they have freedom and independence, and some smoke because they make them part of the society. Also here the publicities are an important way that makes that nowadays many young people smokes because most of this information is directed to adolescents. And the industries are creating cigarettes boxes more colorful and attractive for the consumers.
There are many reasons to quit using tobacco. Smoking can increase your risk of many health problems such as:
 Heart and blood vessel problems
 Cancer (especially in the lung, mouth, larynx, esophagus, blander, kidney, pancreas and cervix)
 Poor wound healing
 Problem during pregnancy
 Lung problems
 Decreased ability to taste and smell
 Infertility
 Loss of sight
 Tooth and gum diseases
 Wrinkling if the skin

Many persons do not realize they are addicted to the cigarette. They think can easily quit any time they want. But when they tried it is extremely difficult. Unfortunately is more ease to be addict.
If the person love themselves and they want to quit smoking, it is possible there many resources that can help like the support or encourage of the family, friends, and coworkers, the doctor will very helpful recommending replacement therapy and smoking cessation medications, and also the can assist to smoking cessation programs where they have a better chance to success.
The decision to smoking we take it by our self no one stop us, but you need to think first if that is the best for our body and life.

So in my opinion I think that is very important to ban smoking in public spaces, because this may contribute that the consumers smoke less. Also it is important because the one how smoke affects the others around them causing several diseases in people that don’t smoke, so we are getting sick by the fault of others. But is very sad to see how some smokers doesn’t matter if there are kids near of them and they still smoking.
So as there are places ban smoking, is necessary to have places where they can smoke otherwise if we ban all the public places this will be a big problem for the industries having consequences like to close the company and this will affect the employees. The ban of public places will help that the passive smokers can avoid the problems that the smoke of a cigarette can cause. This can be positive for the atmosphere making it cleaner and harmonious. And we will stop seeing the cigarettes butts scatter in everywhere that is very harmful for the animals because they don’t know and they eat them causing them intoxication.
In conclusion is very important to take consciousness of our life and the health of others.

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