lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

The advantages and disadvantages of immigration

Immigration in many countries is very common to see. A lot of people immigrate looking for better opportunities, but always is not good things it also have disadvantages.
Immigration has advantages for the country because there are certain jobs like agriculture that many citizen doesn’t like because are low paying and the agriculture is one of the most important resources of economy for a country. Many immigrants arrive to other country with their family looking for a place without wars, the advantage of this is that children get a better education and they found a place that is not so danger. Some immigrants come alone looking for better jobs and part of their salary is sent back to their family.
The disadvantages for the immigrants, they are exposing to the discrimination and bad treatment. Sometimes is hard to be an immigrant because is a new place because they need to get familiarly with the culture and also because is not so easy to find a job immediately.
The immigration also affect the country because it over populate and it limited the resources like water and food.
In my opinion I think that immigration is an issue that we need to live with, because nowadays we can see many immigrants. The immigration can influence in our life like learning new culture and other language.

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