domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

The advantages and disadvantages of homework

Nowadays many teachers all around the world use a lot the homework for their students. This is a way were the children can practice after class.
Homework is a benefit because help student to develop their skills after the school, for example in some homework they need to make investigation, with this they learn about many things like problems all around the world so student use make the homework with more interest. It also makes the student more responsible because when they finish at time they feel that they have done a good job. Doing homework each day make students get better grade in class because is a way were they can study without the obligation of an exam.
Sometime homework have disadvantage for example for little kids they do not learn too much because many of their parents make ell their homework. Other persons says that homework is to spend time because while they are doing the homework they use the time for practice sport, be with the family or make other activities. Sometime student feel that the homework are so hard that they make them feel like they are not capable to do it or they feel stress because of it.
In my opinion I think that homework is very important but we need the support of our teachers and parents.

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