martes, 12 de abril de 2011

Animals are intelligent?

Animals are living being like humans; they come from a class called mammals such as humans. Genetically are similar to humans the only differences are that they unable to talk and reason as well like we do.
I think that animals of course have some kind of intelligence not like humans but they have. Animals especially the dogs are like little babies learning about things, for example when we teach a baby something we start only saying words like: dad, mom, hello, bye, etc.; animals learns like: sit, up, hi or hello, newspaper, but in some way is more difficult to teach animals because they don’t develop so fast as we do, they need time, space and the owner or trainer needs be patient because they are unable to understand at the first time.
Other kind of animal that I know that are intelligent are the parrots because they are able to repeat words. And in some science investigation they have found that they are capable to recognize color and shape putting them where they go. I have watch in the television about a parrot that always that sees his owner he called by her name, but this needs to be teach to the parrot and it needs to recognize his owner.
Another example of the intelligence that the animal have is the emotional intelligence that is very similar to humans. When they are hurt, doesn’t feed them or when they are abandoned they feels sad and we can looked in its faces.

In my own experience I have two dogs they are Dexter and Tutti. In my opinion Tutti is more intelligent than Dexter because when it was little I have her in a box where she sleep for two weeks in that time she never make poop inside the box, she wait until I get her to walk. Now I said her “hello” and she give me her leg.
To conclude, in my opinion yes, animals are intelligent because they can do many things. The key to this is give them love and be patient to teach them.

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