domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

Advantage and disadvantages of the technology

Today technology advances are increasing in the world. Many people can’t imagine their life without technology.
The technology is providing many advantages like in the communication is very useful because we can communicate very quick with or family or friends with the use of the telephones or internet. Nowadays we can see that there are many technology advances for example many of the cell phone have incorporate camera making it more attractive for the consumers. Other advantage are the laptops this are very important because it help us in our jobs
The disadvantages that we can find with the technology are that each day they are producing new things that are more expensive. The innovation of technology can make people addicted to it making them expend a lot of money. Also affect the environment for example the nuclear power plant in Japan are causing that people living near get sick. Other problem is with the internet because many website with inappropriate information have an easy access to children, making them to be exposed to danger. Also a very cruel way that the technology is used is for weapons that nowadays are used to kill many people and use in wars to destroy.
In my opinion I think that the technology is important in our life but we need to know how to use it in the correct way.

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