martes, 12 de abril de 2011

Living Longer

The opportunity to be alive and learn of each experience that we have in this world is one of most precious gift that God has given us.
Many years ago life expectancy was longer than nowadays, the reasons is that if we start to analyze how our great-grandfathers live, we discover that many of them are from the farm where the that they eat was from their own crops and in that time it doesn’t exist the fast food and so much contamination.

Living longer has its advantages as more experiences, spend more time with people that you love, do things that you really want, if we have a family we will like to see our children grow having their own family and if they have children, of course that we want to know them and having a good time. Also this is a chance to know many people and share with them our entire anecdote.
Some risk that we can find living longer is that our health will not be the same when we was young. That causes us to become dependent, needing the help of others for example I know a person that have 86 and he was diagnostic with renal failure and problem with his kidneys, he need to be carry because for him is very hard to move a place to other, also for him is difficult to take a shower so someone is there helping him and changing his clothes. For him is very sad because he feels useless. Other disadvantage to be elder is that many families abandon them in special homes that take care of them because they say that they don’t have time.
I think that in my case I will prefer to live longer, but to make this happens is necessary to eat well, do exercise, and enjoy the bad and good things that the live present us and avoid stress.

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